Quatro-MPN egy olyan nemzetközi befektetői club, ahol Neked sem gazdagnak, sem pedig szakértőnek nem kell lenned ahhoz, hogy profitálj. Olyan befektetési lehetőségek tárháza, melyeknek az éves hozama az általunk ismert módokhoz képest nagyon magas.


You can be sure that it is the very right place!



  Quatro MPN Ltd.

                                 THE COMPANY OF THE FUTURE


" The success is nothing like a good decision record."  (Anthony Robbins)

        Quatro MPN Ltd. = Multi Profit Network

Address: Portland Tower, 53 Portland StreetManchester, M1 3LF, UK
Phone: (+44) 0161 238 4986 
Fax: (+44) 0161238 4987
Office time: Monday to Friday 8:00am till 6:00pm GMT
Monday to Friday, 9:00am till 7:00pm CET



What does the investors' Association Ltd, Quatro MPN?
Lots of profitable investment opportunity, Network Marketing Network bonuses!


qinvest_1.jpg  Quatro Invest:

Investment opportunities in Quatrex divisions, and the Foreign Exchange Forex

Bio Oil: Oil production and plant-based products.

E-Bank: world's first fully Internet-based bank for all banking services, which includes the widely used credit card easyCar.

EQgel: cosmetic products, the "anti-age" under the program

Wellness: health care products.

VIP-Air: rental luxury airplane

Technology: Renewable energy research and development program.

Q-Phone: world's first complete network for free calling, SMS, MMS messaging. Low-minute, low-cost phones.

Forex: retail, small investors can participate in the world's largest oreign exchange the benefits.

Quatro Invest: Investment opportunities in Quatrex divisions, and the Foreign Exchange market Forex.

vgc_2.jpg  VGC Trading Pool: Virtual Gold Chip

                         VGC-Quatro Profit Sharing Programs

qps-3.jpg  Quatro: Product & Services

                                    80% of Total Sales Profit

q444.jpg  Quatro 444:

                              Network Executive Bonuses

 Hungarian and English Web Conference

 If you want to be there, let me know by email


Membeship requirements: Minimum 18 years of age and valid ID-documents


1. Step: Click on this link:

The registration process consists of two parts:
1. Step - Registration Details
2. Step - Payment Processing
a.) Registration is the first step in giving out personal information. The data must be entered without accents!
Shall be provided 2 different passwords, each section below.
Password 1: The password for access to Personal Portfolio
Password 2: Quatre transaction within the financial area, and a password for access to Personal Portfolio
Passwords are a minimum of 6 characters available,
number is used, a mix of large and small letters.
The password and the transaction (2nd rd), the password can not be the same.

2. Step:

b.) The next page that opens, the bank transfers the necessary registration information can be given.

The registration fee for the selection of 3 options to choose from:
1st) 80 EUR registration fee.
2) registration fee is 195 EUR.
3) registration fee of 19.95 EUR.

The membership fee is EUR 80 and do not include opening the account and a credit card making, and the set of business documents.
The 19.95 EUR's membership fee and monthly payment makes it possible. In the event that can not be called up to the current problems entail a monthly fee. In addition, the total amount of approx. Will be 240 EUR.

3. Step:

The second step, after you receive an e-mail that greeted us in the Quatro and tell us which documents need to charge within 7 days if you were not charged for registration form.
The web is not available in all office functions logged in until - in the person of the sponsor, in this case me - it does not place the power system. Since I have been getting notification about the registration, try the letter after reading it, immediately place the new entry to the system.
The payment you receive a confirmation e-mail address.
(The email address you check often, that can not be wrong!)
The confirmation forward it to me the particulars given at registration!

4. Step:

If you choose to sponsor me, please write it here:

My ID number: 112249

Thank you for your trust!

If you already have referral ID number sent to this website, you can ask of her ID number, email address and write him out of the above!


Congratulation, you are the Quatro member!

After registering, send me an email that I can continue to help!     Please, contact me to show you the web office and to place you in the matrix

skype: misskata

Good luck! I wish you a much brighter, happier future!



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